Sapir, Yoseph

   1) (1869-1935)
   Moldavian Zionist leader. He was born in Kishinev, and became a doctor. A supporter of Hibbat Zion, he founded a publishing house, Di Kopeke Bibliotek, to publish Zionist literature. In 1903 he wrote a popular study of Zionism; he also edited a Russian-language Zionist weekly. After the 1917 Revolution, he became chairman of the South Russia Zionist Organization. Following the Bolsehvik Revolution, he moved to Bessarabia, then to Palestine, where he served as director of a department of the Bikkur Holim hospital in Jerusalem.
   2) (1902-72)
   Israeli communal worker. He was born in Jaffa. He was active in the Farmers' Federation of Israel and worked for the Pardes citrus fruit company. In 1940 he became mayor of Petah-Tikvah, and later he served as a member of the Knesset; he was minister of trans-portation (1952-5), and minister of commerce and industry. In 1968 he was elected chairman of the Liberal Party.

Dictionary of Jewish Biography. .

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